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In this land we have our roots.

Carro, 450m a.s.l. in Alta Val di Vara, a territory that is still intact and uncontaminated, where the rhythms are slow and follow the course of the seasons.

The key of an excellent production

The importance of the territory.

We are located in Carro, in the Liguria di Levante, close to the sea which is only 5 km as the crow flies, the Cinque Terre are about 30 km away and Portofino 50 km, Sestri Levante 25 km.
Carro is a small village with less than 200 souls, located at 450m above sea level in the Alta Val di Vara, a territory still intact and untouched.
Woods, rivers, meadows, vineyards and gardens accompany this valley from the mountains to the sea.
With an exceptional microclimate, with cool nights and warm and windy days, Carro with its hills rich in tarsus and clay, are an ideal place to do viticulture.